Beyond Our Patch is a a blog record of our Wildlife and Australian Travel experiences that are beyond our own backyard. 
This blog will share our view on the beauty that is Australia, its wildlife, in partricular the birds and the fauna.
All Images and text by Judi & Brendon Gray. 

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Should you like to use our photographs please ask for written permission.  Thankyou.



  • Animal Architects Exhibition at Science World - Vancouver 2011
  • Children's Bowerbird Book by Melanie Raymond - Museum of Victoria (Publishing expected October 2016)
  • Family Bushwalks in Queensland (Second Edition) by Gillian Duncan & Mark Roberts (Publishing date tba)

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  1. Hi Judith, this is Maxine Fisher from the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane. We are interested in archiving your blogs in PANDORA, Australia's web archive Can you please contact me - - with your direct email address so I can email you our official request. With thanks, Maxine


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