Friday, September 23, 2016

Historic town of Hermannsburg N.T.

21 September 2016


Hermannsburg is an Aboriginal community 125 km km west southwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Local Aboriginal people call it Ntaria.  Hermannsburg is the birthplace of well known Australian Aboriginal Artist Albert Namatjira (1902–1959).

The Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is an old German Lutheran Mission, that was established in 1877. The Hermannsburg Historic Precinct was included in the National Heritage List on 13 April 2006.

Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is open to visitors who can visit the old mission house, Albert Namatjira's house, a museum and an art gallery.

There is plenty to see and read about at this historic precinct.  The grounds are also home to some stunning old gum trees, with plenty of hollows, which were home to native Budgerigars and Australian Ringneck Parrots.  Wild Brumbys grazed on the outskirts of the precinct grounds.  The art gallery and tributes to Albert Namatjira were fantastic and very interesting.  

J & B

Welcome to the town of Hermannsburg, Northern Territory

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct Entry

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Budgerigars feeding their babies in a nesting hollow on the grounds of the Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

The kids out the front of the tea-rooms at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct Church

Wild Brumby at Hermannsburg

Date Palms in flower at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

The original infirmary at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Infirmary at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Colonists House at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Steel Power poles throughout Hermannsburg and also in Alice Springs.

Small section of the tribute to Australian watercolour artist Albert Namatjira

Water tanks at Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

Monday, September 5, 2016

Bougainvillea's in bloom in Helidon

04th September 2016


These bougainvillea's were looking beautiful in bloom in the main street of Helidon today. The vibrant purple and pink flowers were a lovely contrast to the bright green leaves of the Jacarandas. Helidon is a tiny village, located just off the Warrego Highway in the Lockyer Valley, South-East Queensland. 


Bougainvillea's and Jacarandas in Helidon, Lockyer Valley, South-East Qld

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Winter birds of Lake Galletely Gatton

20 August 2016

Lake Galletely ~ Gatton, South-East Queensland

Lake Galletely & Lake Lenore are both located in the Environmental Park at UQ Gatton Campus and it is an amazing place to see a wide range of birds in one location.  Today I had to go to the Small Animal Hospital with a couple of wildlife critters, and after, couldn't resist going for a walk along the boardwalk to the lakes.  Previous years in August we have seen Pink-eared Ducks and Red-necked Avocets at Lake Galletely, and I had hoped they would be there again today (and hoping so, as I recently told someone that this location was a good place to go in August for a Pink-eared sighting! oops).  These two were not onsite today, but the birding didn't disappoint.  

The Magpie Geese are such an incredible sight, and their sheer size always takes me aback, especially when a Black-fronted Dotterel is standing side by side one!  As I was leaving the lake, I went to have a look at some Golden-headed Cisticolas on the edge of the lake, when a large flock of Plumed-whistling Ducks flew overhead and landed on the far bank of the lake, it was at this time that I almost stood on a massive brown snake, basking in the sun amongst the long grass - luckily he saw me before I saw him, and quickly unravelled into the thick grasses.  

We are back at the uni again later in the coming week, so will visit again in hope of getting a photo of the avocets.  


Magpie Goose - Lake Galletely, Gatton

Magpie Geese, Lake Galletely, Gatton

Tiny Black-fronted Dotterel with Magpie Goose in the background at Lake Galletely

Grey Teal, Lake Galletely, Gatton
Black-winged Stilt, Lake Galletely, Gatton  (The water really didn't look quite this yellow, but the sun has made it look quite unusual in this shot)

Domestic Duck at Lake Galletely (Mallard maybe?)

Gatton Uni - Nesting Box Project

Short-necked turtles caught kissing - Lake Galletely, Gatton

Superb Blue Fairy Wren, Lake Galletely, Gatton

Had to add this photo, although it's not the clearest - cute Daddy Superb Blue feeding his 'big' little one.

Crested Pigeons at Lake Lenore, Gatton
Purple Swamphen - Lake Lenore, Gatton

Please correct me if I am wrong on this one - Female Golden Whistler?  Lake Galletely, Gatton.